Moldova in ESC 2011

Såhär tror jag snacket gick inför planeringen av Sa-ade:s sångnummer. I rollerna ser vi Herr Flick, Obersturmhauptmann für den Düsseldorf Esprit Arena Planierungsabteilung och Eric Sa-ade:s stage manager:

- Guten tag, Herr Flick! Have you considered our request for the glass panes in Eric's act?
- Jawohl, we have. It is with deep regret I must inform you that we can not allow glass on ze stage, ze risk is too great.
- But we need the glass, it is an artistic expression!
- I understand, but would it not be possible to use fake glass of some kind, like in ze movies?
- Fake glass! Would you ask Houdini to use fake chains and locks?
- Bah, Houdini! This is a serious singing competition, not a circus sideshow!
- Really? Then please explain the Moldovian entry, if you will?
- Well played. Would a single real glass pane suffice?
- That would be acceptable, yes.
- Gut, then we are agreed.

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